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Pretty Pretty


Quinn Hunter and Holly Gates thought they’d landed the summer job of a lifetime; working at the hotel, Barrington House, in Hawaii! What more could two girls want? With great weather, beautiful scenery, and cute was a job to die for...literally.

Crazy cats, spooky employers, and even spookier happenings weren’t in the job description.  And no one warned them about the dark secrets that kept the locals from coming anywhere near Barrington House.  Only outsiders dared to venture into the hotel, and it didn’t take them long to discover why no one ever stayed very long at the creepy place.

Desperate to discover the truth, they enlist the help of Jaxon Caine, a new friend and hotel guest; and begin to uncover the truth and horror behind the mystery of Barrington House.  But someone or something doesn’t want them to learn the truth, and will stop at nothing to make sure that the only place they will be taking any secrets; is to their graves.

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